Market Gardener Opportunity

A couple of months ago I sent out an invitation for someone to come and use my garden to run their own business. Ken and I have ideas about making Crickhollow a healing centre and I would like to free up time to work on this. As many of you experience, running a market garden is a more than full time job! I wanted someone to come who has great initiative and could just take it on.

Through that invitation and reaching out we connected with Nikola. Here she is!

Nikola is a community herbalist and ecological grower. We connected instantly and we are so excited for her to make this her home.
Nikola would like to use about half of the garden. She has experience working with a market gardener where they included the herbs and vegetables in the crop rotation to the benefit of both. So now we are reaching out for a market gardener. We would like someone who is self motivated and community minded. Someone who can run their own business but who is also interested in the farm as a whole. We welcome someone who would like to put down roots both literally and figuratively.

Here is some more information about the opportunity. Please email me if you would like more details. Also, if you would like to learn more about Half Moon Herbal’s go to  

This is the garden as seen from the barn. It is about an acre. It is made up of 84 garden beds made Jean Martin Fortier style so they are 100 feet long, 30” wide with 18” paths. The beds are raised a bit from the paths. The garden is in four quadrants with wood chip paths forming an + through the middle. There is a mix of perennial beds (asparagus etc) and open beds for annuals.  The soil is Harriston Silt. We have a rainwater drip irrigation system.

We are also willing to work out an arrangement to share our walk in cooler, shed space and other infrastructure as well as land for a dwelling and greenhouse. We can work out something suitable for the gardener’s needs.  We are a pick up location for Eat Local Grey Bruce and have a nice set up for CSA pick ups.  

This photo shows the making of one of the paths with the EdgeHill grade three class. 

I am not charging rent for use of the garden, it is in exchange for the gardener keeping it in good shape and true to the design. This is no small task as it has become very weedy and there are pest and disease pressures.
We welcome a market gardener who wants access to land to run their own business independently, and who enjoys collaboration and sharing land.  We welcome someone to come as soon as possible to start prepping now for a strong start in spring 2021.  

We are so excited about the changes happening here and have so many dreams for the near future. It will be so wonderful when we can celebrate all together again!