Garden Apprenticeship

The focus for our 2020 apprenticeship program is rhythm and biodynamic gardening. In exchange for hard work and dedication to the farm the apprentice will learn how to grow annual and perennial plants for beauty and nourishment. The apprenticeship runs from April 1 – Oct 31 2020.

The rhythmic qualities of gardening will be lived out by following the biodynamic planting calendar, stirring the preparations, and following schedules like participating in the weekly market. One of the assigned tasks for the intern will be a weekly walk of the garden perimeter and paths with the wheel hoe. This will keep the weeds in check as well as offering a contemplative time for observation.

We have an apprentice handbook, a checklist of skills to learn and we follow the Demeter production standards. We are a member of the Biodynamic Farming Association of Ontario and attend events like community preparation making and farm tours.

Some of the skills learned at Crickhollow are:

  • Greenhouse production of seedlings
  • Use of hand tools
  • Garden bed preparation, direct seeding and transplanting
  • Irrigation
  • Weed and pest identification and control
  • Efficient harvest and market preparation

Apprentices are expected to

  • spend time some evenings researching topics that come up throughout the season
  • work for the good of the farm as well as their own learning
  • be able to work hard in a physically challenging pace
  • be kind hearted and community minded
  • work 40 hours per week

Previous farming experience is an asset and will be given preference. All those with a joyful inquisitive spark as well as an affinity for plants and the natural world are encouraged to apply.

Apprentices receive room and board, one on one instruction and a modest stipend. Accomedations are rustic but comfortable.

The setting

Crickhollow is a 50 acre farm in the rolling countryside of Grey County Ontario. While our commercial enterprise is our market garden, the farm has a small woodlot, hedgerows, meadows, fruit and nut trees and our pasture is host to our neighbours beef herd.

We are fortunate to be part of a vibrant organic farming community and enjoy an active intergenerational social life.

The instructor

Rosemary enjoys passing on her knowledge of gardening but thinks of herself more as a facilitator than teacher. She studied garden design at UBC and apprenticed and worked as a landscape gardener in Vancouver and Toronto. Upon discovery of Rudolf Steiner she embarked on a learning journey including Foundation Studies at The Rudolf Steiner Centre, Biodynamic Farming courses through the Saugeen School of Sacred Agriculture and New Adult Learning with Arlene Thorne. She, with her husband and two children, has been at Crickhollow for eleven years and has worked with volunteers and apprentices from the beginning.


  • Apr 1 – Oct 31


Contact Rosemary if you’re interested in applying.