Our Story

Crickhollow began in the minds of Rosemary Crick and Ken Bryson years before they set foot on the farm. Rosemary has been in love with the soil, plants and animals since she was a young child.

Nature has always held a special place in her soul, connecting her to the spirit of life. From the time she planted her first own garden, she intuitively knew what to do, when to plant, when to harvest.

Now, she grows the most nourishing food through the spiritual process of Biodynamic farming and loves to share that bounty with others.

Ken Bryson provides farm husbandry and brings business support from his 20 years of work in technology development and marketing.

Ken is also passionate about sharing the farm with others. He has worn many hats at Crickhollow over the years from tractor driver and snow-plower to cattle manager and emergency garlic planter. Ken is in the process of transitioning his career to spend more time on the farm as the hospitality host.

He is also hoping to follow the footsteps of his late father into a second (third?) career in professional photography.

Rosemary and Ken have been growing Crickhollow for the past ten years, raising two children, having fun, and trying to do the right things in the best way possible.